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Sunday, May 04, 2008

dreamy bintan

i promised jx i wld blog abt our bintan trip and attempt to revive my already dead blog. so here goes.

day -1 (wed)
i was frantically still in offce trying to tie up loose ends from all the work related issues. she has to come down after my golf class & accompany me to finish my tasks. in the end was replying emails etc till abt 11pm! yet she didnt complain 1 bit (at least i didnt hear ;) ) lucky we bought some supplies prior to our departure to bintan as our research shown that the prices there are exorbitant & insane, which can range from S$15 -$50 per person for a meal.

for the great foresight & patience shown: 1 point

day 0

everything was great, nicely all packed up, dad gave us a lift to tmft, havent stepped there for ages & it was quite pleasant, way better than JB's customs. the procedure was pretty smooth except for few ang mohs who apparently mastered the kiasu-ism from the master singaporeans. they started queueing, shoving way before the gate is even open. no wonder even mm lee mentioned abt decline in courtesty & manners for ang mohs. but lucky im big size, so no 1 dared to bully & push me ard. and also, i gt a gf who has justice-bao-lookalike-face, + a mean diao, so no1 dare to bully us while boarding Aria Gupala (Cool name for a vessel hor)..

wa la. an hr later and we reached bintan's ferry terminal. nice clean polite. enff said. the rooms & beach are way above our expectations (tks to xx, i tot ours is realli terrible)

for the garang attitude & menacing face: 1 point

day 1 & 2
spent most our days lazing ard by the beach, drinking overpriced bintan beer, bobbling in the seas.. simple short sweet.

for the artistic photos taken & applying sunblock for me: 1 point

so the verdict, the short getaway trip was gd, with the sun sea sand, but the one that scored that most is not sun, sea, stars & sand or anything else. haha but its u. beautiful.

see pics:

bintan beer, overpriced at s$5, but still a joy when u consume unde the blazing afternoon sun

yeah.. one of those happy pics

our resort

these are 1 of those huts that we stayed, wonderful. she gt more pics, i jus put those she doesnt wanna put

squeezing together at the hammock, drinking beer..

more trips to come


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

im talented

my gf send me this with a sniggle
haha she knows me sooooo well ;)


Monday, January 14, 2008

this guy's pissed!

to add on to ms x,

the sink has a filter to trap food from going into the pipe and choking it. If you choose to shaft the food trapped by the filer down the sink rather than taking it out and dump it in the rubbish bin, wait till it choke and flood the whole kitchen with foul smelling water, like last year.

To the asshole-who- can't-aim and use the 2nd floor toilet, for goodness sake, you have been shitting on the toilet seat for the whole sem everyday. I seriously wonder how you do it, and the only conclusion i can come to is that you were squatting on the toilet seat. For goodness sake, squat at the squat toilet, Toilet seats are for SITTING. I don't think you are being fair to the whole of 2nd floor who has to bear with your shit (literally) and the auntie who has to clean your crap. Even my fat ass can fit the toilet seat, I can't see why you can't.

If you don't know how to use a toilet, tell me and I'll recommend a good nursery for you to learn. Don't worry, it wouldn't affect your CAP.

Exasperated xxxxxx

gd for entertainment during a coffee break from work

Monday, December 24, 2007

cambodia bound

back already. .but this was the publcity done from the comm. dept in my coy. wonderful experience, will share more when jan comes :)
Merry x'mas & a fruitful new yr ahead!!


Friday, November 02, 2007

hold on

these weeks have been crazy for u, but hold on, like how i will hold your hand.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


its been awhile since i last post, coming up with many excuses not to. work, tiredness, lack of topics etc, the list goes on and on. but maybe at the end of the day, im jus plan lazy to update the whole hw am i doing.
anw, life has been great, more challenging than not, the usual work politics, weight gain issue, money, what else are there for us to worry at this stage of mine.. :S interestingly, i felt some sense of ownership when i was walking thru ikea with my parents & bro yest.. that sort of feeling of .. like getting a ownership of smthing.. a say, a contribution in smthing.. i think deep down thats the ulimate motivation i want.. to be able to get a property on my own (+ my spouse support of cos) and design in accordance to my way. i want to have a say in all the decor, the spatial layout, the colors, the materials, this is probably due to my passion in designing, actually thinking of getting a part-time diploma in smthing related to interior designing, but its easier said than done.

went for a family gathering/house warming yest nite, long drawn complicated family issue, to simply matters, jus treat him as a long forgotten family member, its too complicated to discuss this here. anw, its quite amazing to see the wealth disparity between him and 'us' .. he being landed-property, few luxurious cars n all, but us prob leading the humble simple life. but, im nt envious or anything, jus appalled by how powerful money can get, to even create feuds between blood relationships.

my immediate objective is to clear my study loan, then to start a teeny weeny bit of readup on knowledge on investment, then to get another source of income, i think its time, the time for family planning, at least try to start. haha sounds scary, yep, but it has to start someday :)

i realised the power of giving, especially just a little red packet could do wonders to your loved ones.

i feel i've grown somehow, something i will share soon.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


when you reach 25 yrs old, u agar noe that bdae surprises are nt really surprises anymore, can relac abit and dun take celebrations too seriously.. i also feeling that, not really waiting for big surprises.. but my my boy was i surprised, chao big time.

it was the 1st time i received flowers! haha.. a bouquet a neatly wrapped roses were presented to me when i met jx at marina sq, wa lau.. quite the bomb, it totally revolutionise the idea of buying flowers from guy to ger. gers, take note. then a well-crafted arrangement with ken & darren to get my buddies + partners for the bdae dinner at jap restaurant at waraku, the bomb! despite some minor miscomm, the celebration was really very very heartwarming. tks to those who came!

the gifts i received are beyond monetary value, its really a result of friendship, bondship and family bloodhood. thanks to pa ma huan & jun for the pedro brown leather shoes, waterboi & aili for the goldlion handphone strap, darn classy la. tks to darren, ken & vince for the braun buffel coin&key pouch. lastly, tks to the incredible superwoman who get me a bouquet of roses, a handcrafted bdae card and a personal fav braun buffel wallet + many many surprises, too much details to share. ;)

even tho there are work issues, challenges, timeline, politics to deal with everyday, i'm blessed with a wonderful gift to share my worries. i cldnt be more thankful for those many hrs u sacrifice in planning & accompanying in the medical reviews etc.

1 more special someone, i dunno hw to describe the fuzziness in my heart when my grandma called me to ask me abt my knee condition.

love is in the air, from family, friends & u.

wo ai ni men.

some photos to summarise the entry

handmade bday card. note the star threads on top of the starfish (real from usa).. its incredible.

a closer look at the handicraft. for her bday, she wants a star, for mine, she gave me a star too.. wowww....

the contents, pic says a thousand words

guests. swee & emily

waterboi & aili.

huan & cher

vince & huan

waterboi posing with his rubberface

group shot, excellent food, excellent company

ya only 24 candles. haha

after the bdae song

me jx & card

me & waterboi's present, which he claimed was a sex toy. -_-