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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


its waterboi's bday and i owe him a treat, so on fri, me jx waterboi and aili went to heeren lemongrass for authentic thai food, it was gd, way better than the lemon grass we had in usa ny. anyway, being the usual cock waterboi, he told us he had a reservation at the restaurant... so when me & jx reach there, the host was asking under whos name was it reserved.. immediately i blurted 'waterboi'... then.. he gave me this wth face.. he tot i was joking.. then i say ng wen keung.. again.. he gave me the wthhh face..

wah lau.. after a gd 10sec of trying to figure out his reservation name, jx spotted aili's name.. and waterboi was jus a few tables infront of us, the trademark sniggling n grinning. he is, undoubtly kr's best joker.

happy bday bro. glad u enjoyed (and finished) the strawberry pie. ;)

thai style spring chicken, tender in the inside and crispy on the outside. gd dish!

the rest of the feast

thai green curry, very aromatic.

the best of the best dessert! some choc, green tea and strawberry pie.. its the bomb!



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