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Sunday, October 21, 2007


its been awhile since i last post, coming up with many excuses not to. work, tiredness, lack of topics etc, the list goes on and on. but maybe at the end of the day, im jus plan lazy to update the whole hw am i doing.
anw, life has been great, more challenging than not, the usual work politics, weight gain issue, money, what else are there for us to worry at this stage of mine.. :S interestingly, i felt some sense of ownership when i was walking thru ikea with my parents & bro yest.. that sort of feeling of .. like getting a ownership of smthing.. a say, a contribution in smthing.. i think deep down thats the ulimate motivation i want.. to be able to get a property on my own (+ my spouse support of cos) and design in accordance to my way. i want to have a say in all the decor, the spatial layout, the colors, the materials, this is probably due to my passion in designing, actually thinking of getting a part-time diploma in smthing related to interior designing, but its easier said than done.

went for a family gathering/house warming yest nite, long drawn complicated family issue, to simply matters, jus treat him as a long forgotten family member, its too complicated to discuss this here. anw, its quite amazing to see the wealth disparity between him and 'us' .. he being landed-property, few luxurious cars n all, but us prob leading the humble simple life. but, im nt envious or anything, jus appalled by how powerful money can get, to even create feuds between blood relationships.

my immediate objective is to clear my study loan, then to start a teeny weeny bit of readup on knowledge on investment, then to get another source of income, i think its time, the time for family planning, at least try to start. haha sounds scary, yep, but it has to start someday :)

i realised the power of giving, especially just a little red packet could do wonders to your loved ones.

i feel i've grown somehow, something i will share soon.



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