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Sunday, September 23, 2007


when you reach 25 yrs old, u agar noe that bdae surprises are nt really surprises anymore, can relac abit and dun take celebrations too seriously.. i also feeling that, not really waiting for big surprises.. but my my boy was i surprised, chao big time.

it was the 1st time i received flowers! haha.. a bouquet a neatly wrapped roses were presented to me when i met jx at marina sq, wa lau.. quite the bomb, it totally revolutionise the idea of buying flowers from guy to ger. gers, take note. then a well-crafted arrangement with ken & darren to get my buddies + partners for the bdae dinner at jap restaurant at waraku, the bomb! despite some minor miscomm, the celebration was really very very heartwarming. tks to those who came!

the gifts i received are beyond monetary value, its really a result of friendship, bondship and family bloodhood. thanks to pa ma huan & jun for the pedro brown leather shoes, waterboi & aili for the goldlion handphone strap, darn classy la. tks to darren, ken & vince for the braun buffel coin&key pouch. lastly, tks to the incredible superwoman who get me a bouquet of roses, a handcrafted bdae card and a personal fav braun buffel wallet + many many surprises, too much details to share. ;)

even tho there are work issues, challenges, timeline, politics to deal with everyday, i'm blessed with a wonderful gift to share my worries. i cldnt be more thankful for those many hrs u sacrifice in planning & accompanying in the medical reviews etc.

1 more special someone, i dunno hw to describe the fuzziness in my heart when my grandma called me to ask me abt my knee condition.

love is in the air, from family, friends & u.

wo ai ni men.

some photos to summarise the entry

handmade bday card. note the star threads on top of the starfish (real from usa).. its incredible.

a closer look at the handicraft. for her bday, she wants a star, for mine, she gave me a star too.. wowww....

the contents, pic says a thousand words

guests. swee & emily

waterboi & aili.

huan & cher

vince & huan

waterboi posing with his rubberface

group shot, excellent food, excellent company

ya only 24 candles. haha

after the bdae song

me jx & card

me & waterboi's present, which he claimed was a sex toy. -_-


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