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Saturday, December 10, 2005


today's paper was ok, i darn sure i will pass it, dun realli care, besides it stood only abt 50/300, which accounts to abt 17% of the total grade.. and im pretty sure i have enff to get a pass grade to transfer my credits back to singapore.

oh well, right after the test, mako, the jap guy invited us to his apartment for a farewell-cum-post-exam dinner.. jus for me. ;'( so touched.. heh. suppse to be potluck event.. but nehneh, i dun haf cooking equipment la, so went to safeway (aka ntuc usa style) to get a bbq chicken. then todd came over and pick us up and drove us there. it was a really nice party while making new friends, talking, sharing ambition, discussing politics . ha, but all these were done while thinking im a MASTERS student, dammit i look so old =(

anyway, few interesting things that happened to me

scene1: i was talking the PhD research prof to be, robert, from taiwan... kept telling me hw fortunate singaporeans are, able to converse proficiently in mandarin and english. blah.. say hw smart lky is and how china and taiwan are the same?!? hhaha.. and later when he knew i was only an undergrad, he was like, 'wah.. you are so young, a long way more to go.. a bright prospect to u, (direct translation from mandarin) '.. his face was still with awe and i can sense a slight touch of jealously of my fair vibrant skin compared to his aging texture, say hes abt 50 odd yrs old..

scene2: i was talking to the other taiwanese pple, prob some masters students also, then 1 taiwanese lady started saying, you are some shuai ge. hahah.. then the other taiwanese ger starting agreeing and commenting,. caught them a few time sniggering at me.. hahaha.. pls la. im so fair and fat.. sigh.. and with my once again weed looking like hair, u ok anot?!? at least thats what i tot..

scene3: the party went on, drank some wine, beer.. then gt to leave as our only transport (todd) is leaving home.. so we took our leave, and was surprised when the taiwanese ladies took turn to take pictures with me. hahaha. .so farny.. and kept saying, nian qing you wei (young with a bright future) hahaha.. i cldnt stop luffing.. seriously, maybe these ladies (suspect mid or late 30s) are deprived of young chinese men in their lives. oh well, i obliged, took those fotos and prob they will regret coz im nt photogenic at all, look fat on most of the pic when im only fair... ;) HAHA.

in short, it was really bittersweet, mako and wife bid farewell to me and say they will visit me in singapore. i promised i wld be an excellent host if u guys come over. on another note, when i see mako and wife being so loving together, i firmly believed a woman is a pillar of support for a man and vice versa and is so true in the saying: 'behind every successful man is a woman', or the ah beng version beneath every happy man is a horny woman' ha.. whichever, it sorta re-established the fact that i want a partner to support me in my journey, nt one whom i had to worry and ponder regularly. thats the no.1 lesson i've learnt frm sep.

then i left the place with a heavy heart, tks mako for the wonderful hospitality and of coz the wonderful friendship. i will always remember u.


sayonara mako-san

here are the moments captured:

L to R: mako's wife (kianang), taiwanese ger1, robert (PhD in the making) and taiwanese ger2

L to R: 2 american pple, jap nurse working in UW med. center as a nurse, her ang moh can fly..

L to R: jap ger1 (shes married, early 30s), u cant believe it right, shes so short, shorter than pear, chiaki archi masters student..

team 15: the blokes, me, tailing, mako and todd


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