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Friday, December 02, 2005


ya, finally gt the final lot of pics ready. feeling super low coz of probably pressure from the presentations but also the feeling of leaving new found friends. of coz nt to mention other factors too. oh well. life goes on.

anyway, ubc (univ of british columbia at vancouver, canada) is suppse to 1 of the most popular sep destination for students for a wide variety of reasons. dunno y, mayb becoz it sound prestigious and mayb the exchange rate lower? (1.2 as compared to usd1.6 against sgd).. anyway having gone to ubc, i can safely bet Univ of washington is a way better choice. definitely, primarily becoz paul allen (co-founder of microsoft) is like the some grand alumni of uw, so means gt $, so means better.. haha.. jus based on the 1st impression, ubc is dirty and cranky, the rds are cracked and rundown. but 1 thing for sure, their views are way better than uw. all mountains and super clouds. nice. and i think the place is larger than uw too. but i think dats it.. boo..

this is a building i find particularly interesting, enlarge it and see. haha, who say buddhist and christians cannt coexist together? ha, see..

arriving at UBC, this is the clock tower, suppes to be the most symbolic part.. err.. i duno. looks cranky. and abit seh-gak

this is the bomb, the whole glass building as a library. i think this is the most interesting/nice building in ubc thus far. i tot i dun haf friends in ubc, but i forgt actually iggy and eileen are both there.. and there are like 30-40odd sg students there now.. dats freaking alot..

the big arena, we arrived on a sat noon, so no1 there.. very nice weather tho.

haha, im standing on this structure that allows u to hear your own echo, its suppse to be some major feat in engineering & physics. and it WORKS!!!.. after looking at this pic, i realised i've become bleached.. im so fair.. tmd..

at the rose garden at UBC, err. didnt see any big roses tho.. but the view behind was incredible.. so big massive mountains.

all the singapore gers.. to marist whos reading this blog, the extreme ger on the R is actually Lixun (marist sec1b,2b) younger sister!! haha. small world sia..

before heading back to hotel, along one of the restuarants in UBC, some hk dim sum food, nt exactly that fantastic.


one of the virtues that lacking in the world.. humanity ya?



Blogger towklin said...

since i juz finish my chinese heritage paper, il tell u one of the qns which was interestingly related to ur 'Ren'.

the qn reads: list and illustrate 3 of the most important creations which characterise ancient chinese CIVILISATION.

well,when it comes to school of thought, i die die refuse to list Confucianism which is the embodiment of 'Ren', instead i chose to prefer the Legalist, the ppl who helped united China.

Ren is really a crap concept. It is a concept even more totalitarian than dictatorship,simply bcos it requires everyone to practise. As long as a few deviates, harmony shall not subsists and chaos will descend.

if u think dictators are oppressive ppl, think again of those who speaks in terms of ultimate human good: they may juz be more opressive than u think they are this time

6:24 PM  
Anonymous huan said...

hey i like this. haha. thought provoking comment vdr

10:12 AM  

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