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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

canada III

here are the remaining pics of my vancouver trip, have a idea of how it looks like. final lot of pics i will upload after my headache subside. i wouldnt do well for my paper today, flirting with a fail grade infact. darn. didnt have a gd night rest since 2 nights ago. those pulsating kind, as if my veins are bursting, i think i need some alcohol to relieve the tension, mayb even some caffeine or nicotine.. and the headache is affecting me... im still in the disillusioned stage now, still trying to piece everything together again. 1 thing for sure, family members are always genuine.

2 finals, 2 presentations, 1 interview left.

at entrance before the capilano bridge, its the highlight of the day. nice chilly place to go in group

one of the highlights of the place, imagine a whole section of forest in the treetop forms, very unique and exquisite, like living on top of the trees kind, like robin hood's house.

crossing the 100+feet long bridge... freaking nice. and shaky of coz, the mad jappo was dancing while crossing the bridge.

while we are purchasing the tickets.. blogger abit problematic, cant get the pics in chronological order..

successfully crossed the bridge. nice winter coat hor, for gd USD40 and the beanie from new zealand i think.. its fking cold, wher all ur fingers are all numb.

at a cafe jus before setting crossing the bridge and after hiking a gd 7km.. seh..

one of the highlights along the hike, 'girl in swim suit' .. some arty farty stuff..

on top of the peak at stanley park, very very nice awesome view..

crossing the bridge.. haha, my shoulders look so squarish rite, coz the wind blowing on me is so freaking strong, that my coat was almost blown away.. ok abit exaggerated..

the totem poles, some indian tribe symbolism thingy.. gd for orienation groups theme.. haha. but oh well..


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