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Monday, November 28, 2005


the last time i was so sad is during my grandma's funeral, she passed away peacefully. this time it is her, we. the sylvia i adored with all my heart and soul is dead. nt physically but emotionally. i grieved for her loss, the ger whom i was attracted to so much is no longer present. right before my very ears, i hear the confirmation she is doing things behind my back, i do not want to taint her reputation but what she did is what we promised not to do and she breached, nt once, twice, thrice.. a gd 4 times. its as if a spear piercing thru my heart in, out, and in again with a twist and out again..

all those sms, emails, promises were all lies. im totally convinced by hw much u loved me. but sadly it wasnt the case. you chose to sheltered by men whom u barely know for 2 mths, rather than a faithful guy who gullibly rejected all sorts of attraction over here. its no use giving me ur body when ur heart is not with me. its the same as saying 'im nt straying while kissing another guy'..

enff said, i do not wish to elaborate further. i am tearing as i am writing this entry, i am nt ready to be in this role where my gf is torn between choices. from now on u are not accountable to me anymore, do watever u wish.

leave me alone.


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