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Friday, December 02, 2005


its snowing, all my 23 years of life, i finally catch a glimpse of the snow.. at at -2 deg cel.. and mayb colder.. i took a 20sec clip of snowing and will upload to some file hosting site once im done.. its quite a magnificent sight. but it looks abit like rain. ha. jus that the flow rate is slower. heard that if the snow is too heavy, classes would be cancelled. heh. i dunno man.

anyway, i think the snow came in the right time, just in time to lift my spirits.. when i think of snow i think of xmas, then new yr then chinese new yr.. slowly slowly all gd things. im getting a grip on myself, slowly but steadily. more and more i am more aware of wat i want and wat i dun wan. but i think all would be clarified when we see each other n talk.

i thanked all those who advised, encouraged, tagged and bitched on my comments/tag board. it shows that you guys/gers are concerned. i totally appreciate that, but i would feel better by jus keeping those comments to urself. words can smtimes be poison. i would rather me attaining enlightenment by myself. however, still a word of thanks to those who cared. hw fast is that, its 1dec 05 now, my last paper is 13dec. im leaving seattle on 16dec. then to san frans, las vegas then LA for my return flight. will most prob touch down to sg on 29dec (SGT) say 2pm... haha, i was thinking of making special appearance at ben's place for blk gathering. ha. but by blogging, it wouldnt be that much of a surprise anymore. see hw.

i went drinking yest night. a long time since i felt light-hearted. mayb becoz i've cool down since. i missed singapore food sorely..

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