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Saturday, December 03, 2005

fri night

on a friday night, im the only lonely soul in my rm, trying to finish my project, while the rest of the world are all having fun on their own. my rmmates are off again, probably to some gay parties, or straight ones, jus that they are nt ard on friday nights. my sg friends, both of them have their own companions to hang out with, happily enjoying every moment now. no time for me. my thai friend, busy mugging his essay and test. the jap guys and gers are probably out clubbing, im not doing that coz im not that rich anymore, need to conserve $ for bigger stuff.. i dun mind nuahing in the rm actually.

so im alone. in this sq rm.. a gd time to take a gd rest and think abt future again. i think i gt sensitive skin, some of my skin near my ears are flaking, think too dry or wat, itching too.. sianz. 14days exactly to leaving seattle. freaking fast.

sep is an eye opener. it cannt be explain in words. yes, go ahead guys and gers. be extra receptive to things happening to u. u wld be greatly surprised. it jus opens way too much options for u, in every aspect of life, career, education, partners, friends... everything... overwhelming.. it sorta transform u to someone else over here. muz the overseas air.

i've a bad stomach, everything i eat will somehw generate 5% gaseous products. no gd. im gg shower and zzz..

once again, tks to all those who asked abt me, im fine.



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