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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

catch up

it was a gd catching up wif my marists buddies, like yj, adrian (consider u marist bro) and shan (also consider u bro ;) ).. kinda missed the old aimless and retarded secondary sch/jc life .. ha. being a total pest and punking our life thru. i think as we grow older and mature, theres more responsibilities for us to handle. decision for us to make and path for us to walk. along this journey, companions are there to walk thru with us, and these people are friends. i think friends are the best creations other than msn/sms.. oh well. i yearn to be a better friend.

special mentions to my dearest buds (no order of preference)
1. huan
2. jun
3. ma pa
4. dinah
5. mg & ken
6. chen xiu
7. qiuyi
8. xiaoling
9. chad
10. ah neh
11. lina
12. nikki
13. yz
14. yj, shan, adrian
15. ket
16. mako, tailing
17. tana
18. keibun
19. jiro
20. ron
21. fox
22. crez
23. wl
24. bser
25. shuying
26. swee
27. waterboi
28. jiawen
29. rubber duckie
30. anthony
31. bsteph, pear, ben

my eyes are freaking dry.. stayed in the lab/infront of the com for a goddamn 5hrs. steamed.

10days remaining to leave seattle. going for a nba match tmlo, seattle supersonics vs ny knicks, lets hope it wld be worthwhile.

blah.. tired..

yveetee: no idea who u r, but ur words strike some tots for me. worth a mention. tks & cheers.



Blogger me said...

yay i was mentioned. thanks boss. hope ure alright ya..tkcare!im so envious of the snow scene! its v nice!!!! i haven seen snow b4...=(

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Jiro said...

how nice of u including my name! i consider u as my big bro. thx for taking care all of us little kids through out the quarter! i will definitely missed all the time we had spent here... come to Thailand! and i will take u around!!

4:08 AM  

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