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Friday, September 16, 2005


hey ho. just shifted in to Lander hall for this wk, gonna move in to terry hall next wk, final destination for me then. heh.. its freaking shag sia to work like almost 4hrs non-stop. yes, dats their 1st prog line up for international students. even tho i didnt even perspire after that, it still feel shag sia, esp ur calves.

heh, jus merely 5hrs or so, i can prob produce a write up abt pple ard the globe.

japs: they are the majority of the int'l students here, prob becoz seattle is the nearest seattle from japan. the are super cool sia. 1st time im complimenting guys. some jap guys look quite unique. heh. and they are humble n polite. nice to talk to.

koreans: generally more unfriendly than japs. quite vain lot for the gers, wear heels for the walk. make up also. guys are generally hostile looking.. ha, weird dat their fashion sense aint dat spectecular.

taiwanese: another lot of the int'l students. theres almost like 200 or so taiwanese here. darn gd wif makeup and teh-ing. cannt take it. their eye lashes are always freaking long, i think its mascara or smthing. the guys are super friendly and young. arrgh.. conversed with 2 1987 ones.. tian ah.. i feel like an old old prc man. hai..

prc/thais: these are the most earnest and honest bunch i've met. they can speak great english, coz they study in int'l sch back in thailand. one even show me his fake id sg ic. haha.. it pays to get 1 frm a reputable country.

finland: snobbish, overly well articulated pple

france/spain/sri lanka: superb, warm and friendly. had great conversations wif them. they like to share abt their life in their homeland.

singaporean: wonderful. singlish is getting more popular world-wide. some even ask me how to speak singlish. miracle. wah lau eh

tim, minchi (taiwan) & jiro frm thai

me & tim (1987!!!#!$!#!@$)

sg grp

scavenger hunt across the campus (L to R: Sri lanka, finnish, spanish, hongkee)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm you're right about us appreciating Kr and its rooms.. even the ppl.. sigh ppl are not so friendly overseas actually.. And you're quite right abt the japanese.. im surrounded by them, but they always make an effort to speak chinese/eng to me instead of rattling off in their own lang.. glad you're settling in.. Wa lau the guys there got more standard leh.. better than e ones here...

3:16 PM  
Blogger Monkey said...

hey i didnt tell u my friend in seattle is half japanese half american right? LOL
they're cool
but the koreans.. argh pui! my roommate in CA was korean... bah Pui
and if u're lucky u might meet some Hmongs.
singaporeans are damn popular in US i'd say ;) heheh wait till people ask u if u from china zzzz
remember to go to the international area in downtown seattle... or have u already?

12:56 AM  

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