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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

1st gd purchase

yahoo.. 1st gd deal item bought in seattle. a pair of hiking shoes for USD19.99.. heh... so with tax its still abt SGD33. haha. nowhere in singapore can u find such price. i guess its necessary to gt gd waterproof shoes here, weather is 70% dry and rainy.. better to insulate those poor toes.


start to miss my loved ones(ma, pa, kor, jun, syl, eblk, we11..) now. start to miss singapore food immensely..argh.. how i wish i've bah kut teh now!!! .. or maybe laksa..


ha, these are god-send when u r overseas. yes, i brought them along, cant bear to eat them, yet.

good trekking shoes for USD19.99 + 8.8% tax. still a reasonable buy



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