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Monday, September 12, 2005

feed them the chips

theres this famous fish & chips shop jus beside the Curiosity shop (prev post). the reason why its so famous is becoz its fresh and secondly, the idea of feeding the seagulls with your chips. heh. this idea is new, never come across me. its along the side of one of the lakes, incredible view and breezes. i can imagine eating fish & chips by the sea, feeding the seagulls, enjoying the breeze to be a one nature's delight.

should be Ivars Fish bar, reasonably price

one of the docking ships along the many piers

suppse to be an extension of the Ivar's outlet, probably the office. looks like some artistic shot, but its jus the camera prob over exposing to sunlight

A cruiser named after the Chief Seattle

Bright sunny afternoon at abt 13deg cel

one of the many recepients of Chips throwing frenzy, noticed the chilli/tomato sauce at its beak? muaha



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