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Saturday, September 10, 2005

found all in UW..

things i scanned across which i think probably wouldnt find that in singapore. =>

a green fire hydrant, middle in the woods

talk abt high security

USD5.95 Enough to feed 2 ron, 1 yz, 2 mg and 4qy, and 1 more b.steph

blue color coded card phone. sg is only green or red

fire call centre, punters would be glad for every single fire occurence, note the 4D numbers on top.



Anonymous fox said...

Hey yow!! Nice to see ur frequent updates! keep it going yeah. :) Haha.. why are u still eating chinese food there?? Shouldnt I be seeing burgers or fish and chips? heh.. The char siew looks good tho!! enjoy ya!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous MRS YEOH said...

I believe that's not all.. keep on taking photos dear..

But if u take all the picturs then i still go over for wat huh??

10:46 PM  
Anonymous MRS YEOH said...

My Ah You is a very traditional person. Of cos eat chinese food la!

Chips are the last resort and if chinese food is more ex..

Or is it cos your stomach is still uncomfortable?? :~(

10:48 PM  
Anonymous yow said...

heh.. i ate chinese food becoz its the cheapest along the university district. i took some more pics of the space needle and seattle center. suppse to be the prime area. heh.. will update u guys soon! love u!!

2:32 AM  

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