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Friday, September 09, 2005

Seattle Tacoma Airport

after a gruelling 11hrs flight from taipei to seattle.. im finally here, made friends with an insurance agent onboard, a 34yr old philipino auntie. heh. at least made my 1st hr of flight more interesting. ha, after looking at EVA air stewardess, i jus tot how come syl wasnt chosen for the job instead? heh.. nt dat im being mean, but EVA airways air stewardess right, out of the 8-9 cabin crew, only abt 2 is seriously worth a 2nd look. syl could well fit in the bill, realli.

the waiting lobby and gallery. some old famous politician's name by the wall.

the glass stairways, grand appearance. check out the number of trusses they have.


Anonymous mrs yeoh said...

I'll touch down in the same airport on 16th Dec 2005. So excited!

Jess coming too. If not for her I wouldn't get the special airfare rate. So gotta be a good host, show us around n intro more guys to her k?

She just told me she likes Ang Moh.. Haha..

12:31 AM  

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