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Monday, September 12, 2005

torn apart

wat a surprise call from Singapapore Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Thought was something grave happen to my loved ones, luckily its regarding me. The evaluation report for my MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is out. my left knee ACL ( is torn and the doc specifically called to remind me NOT to try skiing and other strengthnous exercises. wat a dutiful doc. impressed!

this leaves me rooted for a moment. is my handball 'career' going to end? eh.. shudders at the tot of it. i played becoz i loved the game. i injured while playing the game. wat does it make to be a master tactician? out of the court?


my dear kr (+ex) handballers, i think for now its a challenge to me to join u guys to squash the oranges on src cts once again. bullet in the ball behind their GK and dedicate that goal to me ya?

defense like this

offense like this

shoot like this

hassle like this
train hard. the oranges are relentless in winning us.



Anonymous ket said...

who are the oranges????
tsk tsk tsk...
hee hee....

yah, better take care of ur knee.
i wish its 13 deg here. i'm melting.

i'm bored:D

2:37 AM  

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