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Thursday, September 15, 2005

1st timers

i had my 1st time in seattle. the feeling was hot. simply overwhelming. bitter, smooth, the aftertaste was even more lasting. heh, wat u guys are thinking abt. yup, i had my 1st seattle made, produced Starbucks coffee here. its abt USD1.80 for a cup of just coffee, which i find it rather fresh and raw. i dunno, not a coffeelogist.

for other pple virgin to america's seattle roadside trees, i've decide to capture these sideway trees for all to see. these leaves are realli unique and they are only found in the temperate region.

my 1st american donuts from pikes place. they are sure gd! . .incredible. its humongous pack for USD2.00 (almost 30) of 1/2palm size iced donuts.

my 1st vegetarian meal/asian meal since arrival to seattle. it seriously taste bad.. asian food here is bad, met the shopowner, someone way from china, heh, she attempted to talk to me in canto, but i replied in my seemingly perfect mandarin.. haha.. okie, felt happy that u r somehow related to a stranger.

my 1st egg. every food u see in sg is prepared with eggs somehow. ha, but here, u can hardly find eggs. as in those 10 in a egg-tray kind. it took me abt 20mins walk to find real eggs and they cost a hefty USD2 for 2eggs. sob.

1st taste of seattle coffee. everyone just drinks coffee everywhere. its like smoking

this dish is called 'Singapore Fried Noodles' - its bad. realli bad. seriously mg can fry better, mayb even b.steph or sarah

mock chicken that taste like fried tofu

icey coated donuts

green temperate leaves. once again, green is the key factor here.

the ridicoulsy expensive eggs. they are sold in 7-11 tho.



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Blogger penguin said...

wah liao...u ate singapore fried noodle in US? hahaha

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