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Thursday, September 15, 2005


another day of self exploration of the places i've been, pikes place and the downtown. another self taken pic of me along one of the isolated piers beside pike's place. the horizon is wide and far, water is clean and unsmelly. some groups are people are clustered, having some meeting or sort. basically its a wide area with laidback people, no 1 seems to be rushing of for smthing.

one particular interesting things to note in Seattle. unlike the asian public perceived impression of usa - land, stars, s*x industry, loose women, prostitution, g@ng b@ng, animalxs etc. you cant find any of those here. im serious. even the internet is tightly sealed with firewalls, blockers, cybersitter blah, even s are not allowed. and the cable tv here, u might think theres 24hrs live feed. haha, sorry to disappoint u, nope. not in seattle. its very much like how singapore functions and governed but jus at a stronger currency. they dun even haf a red light district here. unlike our world wide acclaimed geylang. seattle onli has 5 striips clubs throughout seattle, dats like peanuts compared to our whole neighbourhood of legalised prostitution. heh, im trying to find these shops in seattle or any other parts of usa. i wanna see how a real s*x shop functions. haha.. prob would incl pics if i found out one.

at one of many piers there. note the amt of seagull droppings along the rails

timer shot, digicam sitting on the handrails. (eh, i look gd hor?@)

massive bridges at far horizon, boring.

some apartments facing the sea/lake


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