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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


heres some of the smoking pics of my sep university, university of washington. simply amazing and breathtaking.

sometimes you wish you can turn back time, to relive the wonderful moments over at seattle back again. but life is not about turning back, its looking forward. ;)


my dept of architecture, compare this with the nus arki dept. a contrast of heaven and earth.

the sunsetting at 4.30pm daily, jus across a flyover bridge from campus to the large courtyard

the magnificent library over there, abt 5 levels of pure academic records, imagine theres abt 3 x smiliar lib there..

the view of another lib when the sun is setting, oh gawd. lovely

another capture of the sun setting, love the color contrast

the color combination is incredible, tthis is like the last day of fall in seattle, before heading to the winter conditions, bright sunny cooling weather.. this is the 'broken pencil',.. some arty farty shit from uw

jus a typical building in the campus. orange and blue goes well together, dun they? haha.. kr and sh? hahaha. nt in the near future ;)

b/w version of another building in the campus

the freaking library, close up



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