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Monday, January 09, 2006


the first night at my new rm, happened to be mg's old rm. still a lingering smell of his overflowing saliva. abit weird coz its facing inside, means pple might be peeking at me while im changing or when i have a full blown boner. haha, oh well. met so many of my old buddies, saw celia, li dan, hall admin, prabs.. and so much more.. back again to sunny singapore, in the comfort of kr again.

was raining super heavily yest, raining cats and dogs in already an understatement liao, it was raining donkeys and buffalos. but tks to janice, ron, por who eased the moving in. the usual depacking, cleaning and arranging and stuff. was nothing fantastic.

but, when morning came, it was quite a surprised, i was greeted by chirping baby chicks. not women, but baby birds!.. ya, theres a bird's best just beneath the metal parapet. kinda sweet to be greeted by birds' chirping in the early morning. no wonder the older folks want to retire to the countryside to get close to nature. heh, now can jus ask my folks to come kr e616 to sleep.. the birds are in the comfort of the metal shieldings there shown above, come ard 8.15am u can see them feeding, haha, live show.

cny is coming, time to do some shopping. i did mine already, gt some gd deal at usa premium outlet, gt 2 top at topshop and 1 pair of levis from msia city plaza ($70 cheaper!!) . i wanna get my old tan back, going for a swim later if the weather permits.



Blogger towklin said...

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11:51 AM  
Blogger towklin said...

Fyi, i tried to murder the birds by proposing to burn them, joyce wanted to suffocate them...

Somehow after a while, they seem to know im real pissed at them, since they begin their irritable chirpings at 7am every morning, time of which i usually turn in, and they juz stopped chirping in the morning.

Guess they know dat their old tyrannic owner is replaced by some girl. hahaha.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

im a nice samaritan~

11:19 PM  

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