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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


its a gambler paradise. let the pictures do the talking.

darn blogger on strike again, cant load my pics.. darn, make do with these first.. heh.. more coming!!! be patient my friends.

one of the many hotels there, i think this is some medieval theme, gt castle, knights blah blah..

here am i, the knight, any princess for me to save?

the super cool look, alot of pple say i look like taiwanese superstar, gt the shades off the streets for us11, nt bad deal for an overnite fame.

another hotel.. gt real tiger inside. heh

hotel new york new york, statue of liberty there. .



Blogger Monkey said...

i think the medieval theme hotel is called excalibur

10:23 PM  
Anonymous yow said...

yup, correct, i forgt wats it call..

10:49 PM  

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