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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

space needle

jus had dinner with chad, minch and qiuyi before heading up the space needle, gt a discount coupon for 2 tickets for the price of 1. heh.. so still a worthwhile trip up. was a final outing with chad before heading to the airport bound for sf on fri, yes, chad is fetching me there. nice guy. dats y i gonna treat him as a thank you meal. the view on top of the space needle was magnificent. its a super tall structure say abt 30storeys high, with a orbital view all ard and a orbiting restaurant jus at the level below the observation deck, similiar 1 of the sg premiere restaurant, issit swissotel. cant rem. read more abt the space needle, click here

i think many pple are right, time is the best medicine for everything. i believe i've recovered substantially. in a better position to appreciate wats going on once again. things are looking faded and less painful. all seems like jus a nightmare, slowly waking up and realising the reality. hw i wish it was realli a bad bad dream and i could jus brush it off after a gd cold shower. but, its not so. my innerself kept reminding me of the disappointment again. argh, i hate this. well, nothing beats having to converse face to face.. time n effort would probably mend all flaws. ya, i will try.

look at the plates we ate.. total almost 30 plates.. seh

on top of the space needle.. nice cool nite shot

another attempt, its so cold outside

minch n qiuyi, check out the wind blowing..

me and chad, haha chad is nt realli dat photogenic, trust me he look better on real life.. ha

if u can read that, it actually says, "DO NOT TAKE SANTA'S SEAT WHILE HES AWAY".. heh.. kinda innovative as a decor item

i hate to look like snow white.. bleah..



Anonymous ket said...

i'm bored...
how come u are having exams and yet u can go out and dine all the time??? go here la..go there la...
no need to study ah?

3:51 PM  
Anonymous yow said...

exams finisehd yesterday already. ha..

4:33 PM  

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