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Thursday, January 12, 2006


it has been raining continuosly for almost 48hrs or almost 60hours since 4 days ago. and i tot when i come back to singapore, it wld be a sunny and humid singapore awaiting me.. =(

rain. the rain brought me fond memories, i have special affliations with rain. the raindrops dropping outside the parapet of my rm, the gustling of the wind thru the gaps of my windows, the lush greenery emphasized by the shiny reflection of raindrops.. and the comfort of hiding under the covers on my bed.

of coz, it was also the time for quiet moments together in the rm. time for reflection. time for sharing of life aims. time for adventure. time for body maintenance. time for work out. time for just pure disconnection from the outside world. its sorta of a timeout from reality.

well, only this time its different, im in solitary.

cant help but reminisce the old days. bitter sweet.



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