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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


this chap standing in the middle of the streets, rubbing his arm pit hair, barebodied and chanting to himself. possibly a seiko..

siao = mad

heh. i realised i was getting abit siao these few days. siao1, getting all crazed up over online shopping. bought several reliable items to make my stay here better. its SOOOO fun and convenient. hahaha.. singapore shd start such culture too.. e-transactions.

siao2, siao over the american food, in a more negative way.. i fking missed laksa, bah kut teh and nasi lemak chicken wings, cockles, orh lua... nb.. im dying of over dosage of oil in my vegetables.. taste shitty after a while..

siao3, some pple here abit insane. check out the pic above.

siao4. still madly attached to my fella eguanas, both young and old. sad for those leaving, proud for those who stepped up, glad for those who msn me, happy for those who matured, elated for those who say 'i missed u' to me. and of coz to my gf who's still so siao over me, vice versa. haha.. make all their hair stand. hahah..

siao5. still kaopehing over the different unit of measurement over here. US use foot n inches.. unlike the whole bloody world.


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