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Thursday, September 29, 2005


its a big big crowd since its the first day of school.. u see everyone ard, pple are all dressed up, its like loads of ants sprawling around the arena. pple are pretty much laid back, they dun realli mug like how sgreans do.. haha. at the 1st day of sch. i noticed one thing of americans charbos, they always haf make up on, ALWAYS.. wats the thing that make ur eye lashes grow longer? mascara rite? haha.. their eye lashes are always CURLED and nice.. at least 1inch long.

attended 4 different classes todae. some pretty ok. some pretty boring. some omg wth r they toking abt, had a test todae for 1st lec, its called the construction estimate II, aka measurement 2. forgt most of my stuff.. luckily i brought my textbook along..

difference between UW and NUS

1. nus has better facilities, definitely. their seats are so cramped. n they dun haf fancy visual aids like we do. some of the profs still use transparency.

2. they stopped the classes punctually, never early, never late, promptly.

3. there are loads of scholarship opportunities for construction management for masters, grad programs. infact, every sector like commercial, residential etc are all fully funded by different MNC companies. wow.. super appealing

4. classes are generally interactive, during lec, students are expected to voice out and question any doubts straight infront.. jus raised ur hand n off u go.. but they dun realli ask intelligent qns most of the time, where in sg, when u speak, most of the qns are like.. "wtf are u toking abt..?'

5. students dun gossip n bitch like how sgreans do during free time. and when its a 5mins break, students come back on time, unlike sg, haha 5mins break become 20mins break.. haha. esp for building lecs

6. its 10cents (US) per print page over here, u wanna complain abt nus anymore? haha.. wait until u're here, u will start crying

7. professors here are super fatherly, and not much fancy attire for them, unlike sg aki professors, can wear cap and crocodile leather shoes.

8. textbooks are freaking ex. 5 modules or so u need to get prepared to spend at least US400 on the text for a freshmen. dats insane. hai..

9. no girls in construction management class. abt 99% guys.

10. using cellphones, reading non-class text are actually against sch rules, and can be reprimanded for that, can be up to disciplinary actions.. WAH



Blogger Zackie said...

what about their attire? any difference? do they wear berms and slippers like our hall residents? what about their arts girls? mini skirts? :P

5:46 PM  
Anonymous 小玲 said...

I agree with the reprimand of cellphone.. should be imposed in NUS.. must give some ppl lessons.. at least apologize to the class if it rings.. here.. some just answer and talk like nobody's business...

5:54 PM  
Anonymous yow said...

they wear alot of jeans here, some hiao gers still wear mini mini mini skirts despite getting cold these few days.. haha. i like. they are step further, they would wear different themes, like gothic, R&B, etc. wahhahah..

11:11 PM  
Blogger Zackie said...

wow~ superb! haha. themtic dressings is the bomb. can only be seen in hall bash or D&D (no more!)

12:01 AM  

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