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Saturday, September 24, 2005


everything i do see, hear, do sorta rekindles feelings back associated to my close my family, or in kr, marists pple, lor lew lian childhood friends.. heh.. so this post shall be just for u guys. items that triggers my sense of belonging somehow. =)

sushi brings me memories from ajc times, with pple like bernard, adrian, weiren, kelvin, ziyang, yongjun and pple.

the lonely lanes of the overhead bridge reminds of our romantic walks along selatar reservoir wif syl

the brand that all sgreans are all madly in love with, reminds me of singapore

homecooked food. this is actually a spanish dish, tortilla potato .. remind me of chai dao guay.. im already hungry jus by thinking. i miss mama's cooking.. =S

this is a flattened vodka bottle. great memories with the MLM kias when i first started. 1st major alcohol i started with, with eugene (siw bud), kimmie and christ yeow. army recollections

this reminds of our how bad mg is with his mixes in my rm! and how he spills everything on my table, floor, chair, bed, shelves.. etc. goes on and on..

this reminds me of how JL(Ms Bling Bling!!) looks like.. haha.. which also reminds me of yz, ron, jess, syl for the thai trip and the only trip which i missed my flight. =)

just for the hball fanatics.. there u go, yannick's version of stabil. not a big thing in US tho. reminds me everything on how i 1st started hball and how i might potentially end it. tks to kor (huan) for introducing this special sport to me

this building of space needle reminds me greatly of my building buds. like ket, mizi, yan, shaffick. i miss u guys, seriously. i still wanna be grp mates wif u pple.
i have loads more, but the darn blogger jus refused to upload more pics.. argh..


Anonymous ket said...

I MISS U TOOO...GOT ALOT OF GOSSIP TO TELL YOU......hehe,,,wait till u hear, ur JAW will DROP!!!
it concerns our dear MIZI and YANnick

2:05 AM  
Anonymous ket said...

yannick's shoe is a women's tennis shoe????????????

2:11 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

they prob classify STABIL as a tennis shoe.. its unisex.. dunno y issit at the womens section tho. ha. oh well, it sure looks gd ya. =)

2:53 AM  
Blogger ken Da MAN said...

oh yes i can vouch for that gossip! evidence in our eyes! superb yannick!

4:04 AM  
Blogger November said...

for some reason
everytime i see Adidas i think of weilan lol
passed by an adidas store in nepal and thought of her too lol adidas girl

10:10 AM  

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