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Thursday, September 22, 2005

univ village

they have a village named after the university, its called university village, so essentially its like our town, but jus dat it is located really near the university. things are pretty expensive here. i shd had brought my printer along. even tho abit siao, but here, per print in USD10c. ouch.. can u feel the pinch.. i can. i need to re-evaluate my diet. i cant spend so much on a meal everyday.. its not working out. hmm..

then after that we went to northgate, target, where i gt my residential phone for USD10, pretty reasonable. get my laundry bag, blah.. nothing interesting. oh well. jus to let u guys noe, im still in my orientation week and my sch wld officially starts on 28 sept. which is why u prob see im having 3 posts per day. haha. okie. pretty monotonous & listless day.

the entrance to the gigantic mall. super big. abit too posh for our liking

ya know where did i find this? jus by the road side.. wow. talk abt sg as 'Garden city' ?

the stalks of paper works found in one of the paper boutique along the UVillage

at another home improvement store, abit like sg taka. but still prices are sky high

on the way to Northgate, target store, one of the budget places for students like us. bought some hangers, residential phone n a laundry bag. sigh.. means more spending of $..


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