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Thursday, September 22, 2005

cultural exchange

never know the scanavians are so culturally inclined. heres some of the captured shots of their performances. haha, the hk sang 真心英雄 and the PRC pple sang and dance some stuff. the taiwanese sang the Ali-shan gu nian.. realli cool. and us, the S.E.A minority did a Tsunami recapt, and at the same time thanked the world for their aids.

the best was the netherlands. the had a skit to show their legalised selling of weed and same s*x marriages .. and how liberal the country is. superb.

a performance by the indians, superb crowd participation, they managed to get the whole lot to dance and perform with them. influence from bollywood. haha, anyway they did a bollywood style type of performance. the typical hero save girl, girl's father say no. fight behind coconut tree. 30odd pple fighting while dancing. then happy ending.

the prc pple getting ready for some dance/skit

the taiwanese with gao shan qing. i think.. quite coordinated movement.

i think this belongs to the denmark group and i dun realli understand their skit.. think its abt some vikings and their agresssion.. etc

the netherlands pple, superb acting. guy on R is as if taking on weed. ha. it was a realli enjoyable session.
im conan, the barbarian. dun quite understand all of them. =)


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