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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

sch startings!

finally, after 3wks here, 2wks of orientation, sch is gonna start tmlo. yup, finally. heres some final pics of me out in the different mega malls before we kick off tmlo for sch and more pictures of sch gers.. ;) and of coz the lecturers, lecture threatres etc. ohh. .and of coz for the sweet tooth pple in sg, check out the superb rocky mountains chocolate, it loookks incredible, taste super sweet. no wonder pple here are upsized. oya, heres the university bookstores, where they sell EVERYTHING, even UW frisbee, cool eh. haha. frisbees are cheap here, less than SGD10.

see and get jealous.

check out the internal structure, rafters (?) of this mega mall. dedicated to my bldg buddies. heh..

heres it, the northgate mall, freaking big, a single shopping mall dats comparable to suntec. imagine theres like a cluster of 5-6 in that region.. gawd.. scary

this is how the typical seattle bus looks like, its called METRO bus services, per trip is US1.50.. so u wanna complain abt SBS somemore? haha, but gd thing is dat UW students get FREE bus passes.

inside the freaking mall, u will get lost inside la... u will be amazed that sim lim actually sells eletronics cheaper than US.. esp the digicams and thumbdrives.

no cranky tots gers. ha, its jus some symbolic structure outside the mall, i liked this pic loads coz of the color compositions, realli cool..

this is the CO-OP of uw, bigger than all the Co-ops combined in sg. they sell everything, they even haf a techno center which specialises in selling ipod products.. hw cool is dat? but.. like wat i said, sg sells cheaper electronics stuff, incl i-pod.. oya.. i-pod nano can be found here.. its freaking small sia.

the interior of the godzilla bookstore, i bought my text from here, its USD98!! . nnb.. see until heart pain

some other pics of pple self-servicing wif the plastic bag..



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