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Monday, September 26, 2005

rotary boat cruise

this is suppose to be some traditional boat cruise that has been going on for ages. its an affair for all the international students. just a 3hr journey round the lakes of seattle and end of with a buffet dinner, american style - pizza, macaroni, salad, bread n fried chicken.

well, its quite ok, now that im better acquainted with my international friends, mostly from asian countries, from japan, thailand, taiwan, singapore and even from spain. heh, we are the closer bunch.. heh. i guess its the company more than the event that makes the outing enjoyable. ha. the japanese guys are super hilarious. full of nonsense. and they dun wink when they lie. ultimate.

the sunset scenes are incredible. shall have them in the next post instead. we're planning to go mount rainier and probably vancouver soon.. heh. since its like 2hrs away =) to better understand the places so i can be a better tour guide coming dec..

freaking blogger doesnt upload pics agaiN!



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