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Friday, September 30, 2005


what is trust?

i sat down todae and ponder upon. seriously i dun noe. i dun noe how can i define trust, with regarding to bgr, to friends or even to acquaintaince. many a times, trust comes hand in hand with faith, another big factor with people to people interaction. sometimes i wonder am i a too naive person, someone who trusts others too easily? or someone who thinks is in control of everything but jus being puppeted to accept things. or sometimes jus accept things when i noe apparently its wrong.

i look at myself at my current state. yes, stable i am. looking strong indeed. but i wonder if its for real or isst jus orchestrated. its beyond simple promises, words, text or dreams anymore. its more of definite plans, concrete actions. i noe wat i want in life, just waiting for the someone to walk and flourish with me. walk with me, ya?

my, i avoid hiding meanings under my sentence like hw mg loves to do it. but probably its how i feel now, semi assurely convinced? infact i have qualms over myself at times too.

time will tell.

sorry for sounding so profound. ha. i just cant pen my thoughts as simply as an SS essay.



Anonymous yow's girl said...

I understand how u feel dear.. Love ya!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude.. trust is a commodity that you give others willingly and lots of people, even I, respect you for that... however, it is not something that we should hope to get back in equal proportions. if you do, then life would be a miserable time for you...

At times you would feel that you can trust no one but take a step back and look carefully. Your family and gal are ultimately the one you can trust with your heart.

Hope you understand what i driving at...

1:19 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

thank you Mr/Ms anonymous. your words make gd sense. email me to unveil your identity ya? =)

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk... someone puts anonymous on ur blog for good reason one...

but to enlighten u a little, I was part of the infamous YATTA crew back in KR... muah ha ha..

hope not many knows who i am...

3:01 PM  
Anonymous yow said...

hahah.. okie. are u the ex fwocchair, ex rag driver, ex pub sec, honkie dong man, nalleg, ex prezzie? haha.. hmm.. tough guess.. dun tell me i miss any1 out?

4:17 PM  

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