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Friday, September 30, 2005

break dance

there is a showcase of breakdance at the arena yesterdae, wanna to post these pics, but blogger wldnt allow me yest .. bet the gers would go gaga.. the ABC is f-king fit, 6packed and he has great dance moves to accompany him.. totally fab. the black is like a bouncer.. super tua jiak.. abit like rambo, but black version.. now i wanna see the RAP competition version, rem the eminem show? like underground stage, rapping against one another.. i wanna see THAT!!

the dance stage, the MC is also super cool, able to do the hip hope r&b tune.. i dunno wat u call that.. im a music idiot.. heh..
the first person to dance, not dat impressive, can be abt the same standard experienced kr dancers.. mabye cheez or teresa.. haha..

here comes the shuai ge ge.. he can dance realli well.. haha.. super cool sia.. stop drooling gers..!!! mg too.. ;)

1 by 1 they all left.. haha yup, as he dances, he took off his outer clothing, then his sweater.. then.. haha. sorry guys, he stopped here.. didnt dance in boxers. .

check out the rambo lookalike. with the red bandana.. machiam monster. dun mess wif him. .=)

the typical scene, seating everywhere and anywhere. see, they have shades everywhere they go..

my precious dinner.. looks gd eh? its salmon, i think the most healthy food here is salmon.. USD6.50 for this.. hai.. gt used to the currency leh..


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