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Sunday, October 02, 2005


its getting more and more addictive. ha, im referring to online transactions, nt clubbing. yup, managed to get a brand new printer, canon pixma ip1500 for USD25.00, which is realli a decent deal, considering u will def need to spend more back in sg. HOWEVER, listen to the catch.. u guys noe abt the USB Cable dat connect ur printer to the CPU.. its freaking costs $ over here, its nt a free commodity like in sg.. guess the price. winner will get a gd gift from me =) . its knn kianang..

A. USD5.00
B. USD10.00
C. USD15.00
D. USD30.00
ANS: _________

for the ease of the guess, round up to the nearest full number above. u will be surprised dear friends. suddenly everything in singapore seems so perfect. anyway, i wanna share the experience i had todae while trying to acquire the printer. here goes..

did this online search for 2nd hand printer and gt a post in the page that is selling this brand new printer for US25.00, being the typical sgrean, i grabbed and confirmed the deal. okie, its somewhere at the capitol hill (the largest population of gays n les).. fast forward.. when i gt to meet his guy, his name is dragaan(?! cool eh.), he actually invited me to his apartment. bring me to his apartment. intro his family members to me. invited me to join their dinner. invited me to go out tmlo to hang out.


how cool is dat? the even more magical thing is dat, HE OFFFERED TO GIVE ME 1 MORE EXTRA PRINTER?!?!?.. yup, its a few weeks old printer tho, but its those 3-in-1 HP printer that was partly damaged when UPS delivered to their new apartment. i was so amazed by their social-bility.. and so i took a photo of them, right in their living rm. i dunno abt u guys think.. but its realli incredible to buy something from a stranger, then invited to his apartment, became friends and then .. u noe wat i mean.. ya? hes a realli frienly guy that comes frm serbia(google it, he told me its somewhere near italy, the ex-yugoslavakia), and has settled in seattle abt 4mths ago with his gf.

heres the proof. im still dumbfounded by their hospitatality. ha, for those whos curious, no, i didnt take more than what my hands can handle. and i didnt go dinner wif them.. its slightly too overwhelming for me to take it.. =)

this is at dragaan's apartment. the gf by the side. wow.. i still couldnt believe it. for a moment i tot a homicide or wat would occur i go in to his apartment.. but.. wah.. its turns out to be an eye opener of the europeans. 2 thumbs up. goods at L edge. =]



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