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Thursday, May 25, 2006


been reading the newspaper diligently daily for the past 3weeks. noticed a trend, there are dozens of advertisements on self empowering and investment management, and the speakers are all big time (self proclaimed?) leaders in their fields. im nt sure, but im sure its a gd form of revenue to conduct a bloody seminar, cost $100 per head??!?! .. ahha. one function rm in a hotel can easily fit in 400 - 600 heads.. easily few k for a workshop

all these led to the same old thing abt money and more evidently, my future. how to have passive income. a friend from x financial co came down to intro to me the this career opportunity, probably as a student associate. i will give it some tots, nt sure im ready to commit this much at this moment.

2 members had alreayd indicated to they are not stayin in hall any longer, despite having responsibilites already attached to their portfolios. i cant blame anyone, prob myself for not able to choose the team myself, and probably themselves for being unselfish to wat their hearts desire. i rem its not like this 3 yrs ago, pple wld finish wat they started, of coz there were blacksheeps ard then.. cant help but do feel abit disappointed. nevertheless, the world keeps spinning, it wld be still a blast event.

came this far as a hostelite, few steps i shd have took when i was a greenhorn. to join dance, krx, CMU, infotech, hall pdt tech crew, tennis, softball, cheerleading and jcrc. no more time for regrets. it so easy to judge a person, often forgetting the intermediate process and hardship.

life is not about ourselves sometimes, its a combination of responsibilities, passion, friends and challenges.

and its freaking nt easy to walk alone.



Blogger WeiLun said...

I like this entry...u have a point here. Life is sometimes on ourselves, most time on work and resposibilities but all the time on others. We live many atimes for others to be happy rather than ourselves. Ponder on this, when others are happy becos of u, are u realli happi all the time? =)


11:06 AM  

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