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Friday, May 12, 2006


the whole world is crazy over this show then, prob less steph and celia coz they dun understand chinese. waahahahaha.. stay home for few days already and realised that home is still the best place of family love and warmth, no doubt, at least for me. the title is more relevant for the later part of the entry tho.

before going on, a big big thank you to those who sms (esp ron), esp ling from shanghai, jiawen, admern, eblkers, yunwen, syl, marists, etc etc and more importantly those who came down to visit me, so touched!

special mentions:

janice: even after the hball trg in the morning, she still came down with her shaved legs and bright eyes. thank you!

dinah: one of my most adored yr1, thanks! your chirpy voice and smile brightened me and i am sure we wld be back at b-blk goal post for some gd hball shooting soon.

alvin ljs: ahha. remarkable, tks for coming. i will make sure i learn some dancing movees frm you next semester at eblk. its a blessing that u r in 6th fl.

adele & wilson: 2 lovebirds. tks for the poster, yes, i will perservere! tks for those words of encouragement!

kingman: haha. tks, your sweet smelling perfume and $260 new curls did ease my pain a little.. haha, tks for coming all the way down from yishun. tks, i will treat u a nice dinner for ur bdae!

here are some pics to update what has been happening for the past 7days.

huan has been cooking again! haha.. i guessed his culinary skills has improved, u guys noe why, it all started with BLK supper, yes, eblk, kr blk supper, so the bottomline is that if u guys make effort to learn this new skill, soon u can be a master too.

yup, dnd comm is working, no doubt, i may be immobile for a while. stay tuned. here are some visual updates.

somehow i feel happier. happy that im at home. happy i have genuine friends. happy we didnt work out. happy i can walk. happy i can watch LOST1. happy with life.

one of the potential venue for dnd 0607, still under consideration

another one, this one's cool becoz of the reception area and the great backdrop and finishing

the impressive default staging at keppel club. save alot of logistic issues to get the stage ready for us

pre-op dinner with my marists & ajc buddies. me and shan, one of my best buds since jc. haha, shes cool, and single, anyone keen? haha

marists bros.

dish01: some white fish with bacon, sprinkled with lemon sauce. taste 7.5/10

dish02: tomato stuffed with bacon, celery, miscellaneous taste: 8/10.. it looked scary but it tasted otherwise. haha. gd job

dish03: dunno wat la, some italian dish la, super loaded with cheese. taste: 6/10 abit too cheesy for me

dish04: kong bah meat with vege plus some sauce. taste 7.5/10. abit too fatty. maybe it will taste like the bomb overnite when all the essence seap in. gd job nevertheless!
i am so freaking strong. i will show pics of my stiches in the next entry, at least 10 stiches or so, but i dun feel a thing.


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