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Monday, May 08, 2006


exams ended. but also meant more stuff coming up.

here i am, in my eblk room for the final time of the sem. packing my stuff, ready to move on, literally.

tmlo would be a major milestone of my life, it pretty much dictates how am i going to spend my sporting life, yes, tmlo after the operation, i would no longer fall under the 'normal' cateogory of humans le, i would be abnormal. As shanice blantly put it, "we are the abnormals ones after the operation, no longer functioning as normal beings."

quite alot of issues surfaced and ironed out during these couple of days. jus only yest, when i was giving mud the gift, i checked the msg that was send some time ago abt the location of the place, coincentally, the date was 05/03/06, and my final paper was 05/05/06. so essentially i had a crashed course within 2mths. so much happened within 2 mths. i felt blank.

some part of me felt thank god, the wait is finally over, the other part of me felt i was the culprit who squander away a chance. nevertheless the verdict has been reached, no more recourse or any form of rebuttal. its a clash of interpretation of fundamentals, the idea of trust, faith and expression. i am thankful for being brought back to reality, not in the comfort zone any longer. i am definitely disappointed and sad, this time i will agree time will tell (heal). i am not angry over the whole wait, i shdnt be, the feeling of loss is more apparent.

along the way, my healtfelt thanks goes to those who lent a listening ear. u guys meant alot of me. i just shook a final farewell handshake to charlie (8/5/06, 1054am), i hate the feeling of bidding farewell. take care my dear friend.

after the showdown talk, i asked myself again abt the whole issue, hmmm, i've reached a verdict myself.
time will tell. all the best.



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