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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

once a lifetime

yep, this post is due ages ago, but jus havent gt the free time and will to do it. we had our annual open fl few wks ago and it was a blast. haha .we did a mini command, all become drag queens and bapoks! ha. i muz commend mark and ken for being such wonderful and responsible ics. gd job! and of coz to the rest of the 6th flers, u guys rox. haha. so sporting and so.. er.. pretty.

enjoy the pics, not recommended after dinner. this act as a stress reliever, for god's sake, dun go circulate k. ha. for ur own viewing only.


its nt fun being sick. bleeeah.

yay. im going for YEP chiangmai, sounds exciting.

ENJOY dudes.

huimin getting a handful of erm, socks and balloons. ahha

baolai and gf, looks whos prettier? ;)

yannick the female wrestler, huimin and those itchy hands, yenny luffing her butts off and me, trying to act gay.. nt very successful . ha

huimin and yannick.. seriously, yan cannt never make pass the bouncer for ladies night. :]

flasher mark. check the grin on top and the groin at the bottom. superb ;)

the 6th flers groupie foto. ken and yongqiang look the prettiest.

a handful of socks again

haha. wrong order, this is before we gt change up. yes, im groping ben's arse. haha

groupie 2

bird and his perks, kingman felt so ashamed after a while haha..
6th flers with 1st and 2nd flers

6th flers with the 4th gays

6th flers with the 3rd fl chicks

6th flers idolising albert and his perks



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