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Monday, October 24, 2005

woodland zoo

heh, went to seattle's national zoo today. well, a drizzly and cold day.. when u talked eveywhere gt smoke kind, even when u fart also gt smoke, ha, i think. so went wif the usual bunch of FIUTs (foundation for international understanding thru students aka fwoc for int'l students).. so 3sg with a jappo, 2pairs.

heh. wasnt that spectecular afterall, mandai still the bomb. it was pretty quiet, considering it was a sunday. and alot of closures were upgrading.. so nt a whole lot of interesting animals.. the weirdest was some japanese national animal when my jap friend dun even noe its existence.. maybe too precious that it cannt stay in jap to survive..

its a good retreat nevertheless to vent out studies stress (yes, even in SEP also gt!!) sigh.. more assignments coming up.. but i think i gonna take a gear down.. i keep having this DO AS GOOD AS U KIND mentality.. hmm.. i shd but i think i shd moderate abit till i wldnt feel stressed going to bed everynight nt understanding 100% frm the tutor.

warning, relatively long post full of pics. can see the whole animal kingdom incl mg.

its affliated to Mandai zoo.. show sg nric gt discount.. ahha. i also dunno y its called woodland.. hmm

crazy jappo guy. haha. super loaded but innocent 19yr old guy.

the FIUTS crowd awaiting to go in, abt 30 or so.. mostly japs n koreans

jus like the quaking ducks

heh, the answer... F-king stupid...

the female orang utang getting the royal treament with the blanket..

haha, the male orang utan (aka vdr) gets the king treatment with a tree bed.. he even has a toothpick in his mouth! haha.

one of the zoo's staff talking all abt fowls.. some eagle. pooor ger, no 1 listening to her.. ha..

piranha.. i cant rem if we can get this in sg.. so i took as it anyway

i dunno wth is this plant, but its found in the 'tropical' section.. color combi looks gd tho.. maybe nove can shed some light on this species of plants?

dwarf ponies.. super cute.. think they are tired and cold..

superb macro shot of a rose garden beside the zoo..

some green bugs eating banana..

under the yellow leaves tree.. found yellow trees very interesting. .the sg gang

me and crazy jap. heh



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