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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


before, looking like a well learned scholar from sg/prc. ha. before US

after. takes mammoth courage to cut down to length like this. well. afterall, its save $ too, it cost USD14 for a haircut here at the barber.

we witness some of the most amazing feats when the worst disasters stike mankind. like the asian tsunami, endless encounters of survivors risking their lives to save others. the asian quake in iran, pakistan, the new orleans hurricane and the most recent bird flu that hit europe. all those sacrifice begin with the word courage. its difficult to define this word in precision, for it encompasses too many actions and thoughts together.

personally, i feel the most courageous a thing for a person to do is to admit his/her mistakes, to say im sorry, truthfully. nothing could lighten the harm that was already made but the genuine effort and remorse could be felt and appreciated. these together with time could well be the saviour and solution to a problem. i mus say time would heal a broken heart, but nothing can lessen the feelings for one. to err is human, but thats no excuse for people constantly making the SAME kind of mistakes. the most crucial fact of life is that there are not much chances around. live it, endure it, cherish it. for when it past, its realli gone. no more reverse, no more ifs, no more i wish.

i mus say its a tough phase now. but, after reconciliation, i might jus figure whats the best for me in the end. i need the extra courage now to accept facts, to live with life. to live like the past. to cherish my loved ones.

its so near yet so far. so real yet so abstract. i still wan more colorful pictures painted on this pg of my life.




ok give u more pictures

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