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Monday, October 17, 2005

white lies

i jus read an article days ago and it was abt 'lying your life' through. it basically touches on the essence of lying and how it can wriggle your way thru difficult situations.. so its great, its godly and thus pple named it white (purity) lies. haha.

it was true as they cited some examples where some employees in the company gt to lie to his supervisor on why they are late for work, all reasons or excuses come up, such as bus broke down, train timing screwed etc etc. i mean afterall, u dun get your pay deducted, u are still employed. wats the harm rite?

another case was a very typical situation similiar to singapore. meeting friend for some sports games. he was late for a typical sunday for a game of baseball. but he overslept and the perfect reason he came up was his mum was sick.. gt to take care of her blah blah blah.. still he can join the game afterwards, true friends watever.. people still offer him medical tips and rides to the doc. filial piety is the best platform for lying, dont u agree? haha. esp when im young, those chalets, my mum always forbid me to go to these outings and always asked me to use these reasons.. "MY MOTHER SAY CANNOT.."

the last case i remember clearly. it was a typical bgr. pair of couple of reasonable dating years.. comfortable and in love with one another. but there were occassions where they were allowed to 'roam' in parties, clubs etc.. so the ger was attractive and was always caught in uninvited attentions. men/boys would be approaching them for a drink.. then for some dance etc.. more often it involves abit of frolicking, tongue changing, butt squeezing and waist clenching.. so at the end of the day, the ger would just discard watever happens and jus lie to her bf abt hw simple the night went. boy ger happy, gd sex, gd relationship. at times i wonder wld bf be happier to kept in the dark or fully aware of the process..

it boils down to personal ideals and integrity. this article is so so similiar
to my life. ha. i mean not exactly now, but the bits and pieces of my life. i
realised i've somehow matured over these ordeals.. i've learnt to respect my
friends, my parents and of coz my gf. thinking back, its seriously hard to
believe how bold and impulsive i could be. of coz, im blessed with the chance to
erase those stained marks. but, im jus wondering if i shd also give chance
to pple who were once in my position, to finally appreciate the truth value of
trustworthiness. appreciate those who truly loved them. move on with life.

if so, how many chances shd one tolerate?

what does it mean by tolerance?

by who's standard do u judge tolerance, the victim?

so at the end of the day, just be truthful & honest. trust is never given, its earned.



Blogger towklin said...

nb... few days ago, u juz said, u choose to trust ppl and not let them earn from u...

7:46 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

i said after reading this articile. haha

11:28 PM  

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