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Friday, October 21, 2005


had a funny and frustrating msn conversation with syl yest. it was with such mixed feelings and in the end i logged off in a huff, to minimise frustration later on. however, while i was trying to force myself to sleep, i realised the table kept vibrating (its hp, not vibrator, tsk) and after much effort, i managed to retrieve those msgs. its wasnt the sweetest msg on earth, but it wasnt the meanest too. the ending msg was..

[syl: i may be irritated angry n unreasonable writing the above messages i still
love you so i am telling U Else I won't even bother]

its a frown smile situation. dun noe which meaning to take. ha, i chose the logical way. in all, i think the weather, assignments, food, exchange rates, nostalgic, sickness and misc has taken its toll. ya, i realised, when u r realli concerned abt someone, even the shortest msg meant a world to u. but similiarly, even the slightest vulgarities meant the hell too.

i resolute not to using harmful words to my loved ones. partly becoz my grammer is limited as well. ha, but im working to become a cultured person. one who appreciates fine arts and photographing (of syl, clothed, tsk tsk.. ) .. i love u!

okie, back to reality. assignment here i come. z z zzzzz ...


Anonymous syl said...

I'm vulgar?!

U're saying I'm not cultured???

9:28 PM  
Blogger towklin said...

i think he meant dat he himself is a vulgar person, but whenever it petains to u, he refrains from usin them.

3:06 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

haha, go and do ur assignments and stop ranting..

4:33 AM  
Anonymous ken said...

haha appreciate fine arts sia..

haha guys always hold back when they're wif theif gf rite. like strictly no vulgarities n stuff. haha..


9:54 AM  
Blogger towklin said...

sml... this i called ranting...

3:48 AM  

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