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Saturday, April 28, 2007


packing on a wkend in hall is so sad.

3 out of the 6 shelves above are cleared of stuff, empty now, its just like how i first moved in hall, slowly shifting in, now its just the reverse, shifting back. sigh.

i've bid farewell to people that matters to me the most, from master, RFs, hall managers, to jcrc, my neighbours, blkcomm, 5th gers, 3rd fl singing birds, gym kias and some 2nd fl gems. so for those who did received something, u guys taught me a lesson or 2 throughout my stay here. thank u.

my holiday plans are rather firmed up now, would be traveling non-stop with less than a wk in between from 3may onwards till 26jun

2nd - 7th may 07
genting . KL
Going with the facmates, together with viet to enjoy the 1st of our many overseas trips. ha. guess it would be a eating frenzy, alot of casino, drinking, .. lots of entertainment i suppse.

11th - 25th may 07
Chiangmai, Thailand
Embarking on the 1st KR yep initiative, to a small village further up chiangmai for some community work, to build a school + some water infrastructure. together with 23 other kent ridgeans, guess this would be very fulfilling.

25th - 30th may 07
Laos, cambodia, vietnam (pending)
Going backpacking with sweeyong, alone, yet to plan the itininary, but guess it would be totally relax and free and easy.

7th - 16th Jun 07
The 6th fl trio, me darren and ken going to Taiwan, need to try the authentic shilin chicken, watch GUESSS show, taken photo with jolin tsai. haha. watever, think the bulk of shopping spree part 1 would be done in taiwan. thinking of exploring places like yilan, hualian, gaoxiong, kanding etc etc.. still waiting to finalise plans. would be great i think

20th - 26th Jun 07
Shanghai . Xiamen-Putian
Initially wanted to go Aus to visit cousin mx, but guess its too costly to go with a package, so a cheaper alternative would be to shanghai for great food and alot of shopping, then to xiamen putian to visit my ancestors. yes, that explains my prc lookalike, i do have a whole extended village of family members there and i plan to visit them!

2nd Jul 07 1st day of work
JTC Corporation
JTC @ Summit
20mins from KR
07mins walk from JE Mrt
45mins from Serangoon


now im already leading a fabulous holiday, in a bless almost everyday, greeting by a brilliant smile every morning. phantom of the opera, movie Shooter are great shows, but the companionship is even more incredible. living every single moment like a fairy tale.



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