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Saturday, February 03, 2007

orange punch

we had our 2nd prelims todae against our neighbours, we lost, thrashed, convincingly by 13 goals. i think its not how gd these offences were, they are decent, but its probably a wrong match up of tactics, plus lack of mental preparation. the aggressiveness against th was far menacing than todae's match. today's intensity is only a mere fraction of wat we are capable of, but no excuses. sh played a better game today, they whipped our arse, big time, to compensate for their 6yrs losing streak.

the 1st 2yrs of my handball career against then was never an issue, seniors would tell me we would be able to contain them without worries. im really bitter over this whole saga. i cldnt help it but sometimes fault myself to injure at the wrong time. then again, even with me playing, things might nt turn for the better still.

some players get to play, some not, some waited for 4godamn yrs, some get to play in their first. the whole idea of meritocracy is that we have to perform to get in, it has to be weigh together with confidence and abit of luck. it is a tricky issue to pen down the 14players, let alone fielding 7 players down on court. to those who missed the lineup list, theres a reason for everything. indeed we wld be feeling sore and bitter, even disillusioned abt this sport with all the hard work in training. i say hang on, this is a love or hate feeling, we cant always expect to be in the team jus becoz we feel we are gd enff, or we are final yr or even jus becoz the captain is our close accquaintance. i noe sometimes such arrangements are inevitable, but a certain degree of strictness and fairness ought to be enforced. so, brace up, get up on ur feet and continue playing. if not, probably hball is nt your cup of tea afterall. i can safely say i can relate to this particular grp of players, u can never imagine hw tough issit for me to get back to hball court after a surgery, trying to be able to play a hball match again, trying to read the game, trying to influence n motivate the players. still, i know i love this game. no matter wat it is, i will be still in the game, as a player, supporter, coach or referee.

i am disappointed. but i see this as a 1st setback to the kr hball family, jus like hw our friendly neighbour is making the right moves to get the overall guys ihg 3rd. i guess time would slowly nurse the wounded ego and pride of kr hballers. thank you dear supporters, sorry for the lackustere performance, you guys deserve better, we will train harder and wiser.


i appreciate your transparency and forwardness and enjoyed the companionship. indeed tongues are wagging with great anticipation with the potential prospects. i do wat i feel, i share when i care. i think u are a great friend who ranks high and score high in my idea of a great carebear. lets continue this ride along the rainbow and, we might find ourselves creating a field of magic. even a pot of gold.

time will tell, nurse and create.



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