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Thursday, January 18, 2007

blue blood

the kr semi finals with our friendly neighbour was probably one of the best supported ihg sports among all halls and best i've seen in the years in hall.

it was simply breathtaking.

some say its becoz of the venue, some say its the rivalry, watever it is, we did show what we are capable of when we are united as one, yes, jcrc, blkcomm, smu, sports captain, rockers, cheer comm and the residents. and indeed, it heightened the whole game atmosphere and definitely push the game to a higher level. i can safely bet that EH and TH muz be oozing with envy the support we show to our players even tho we are not the top sports halls.

i mus really commend on the jcrc this yr. impressive and dedicated so far. our dear sports sec, greys' anatomy george o'malley-lookalike is outright stunner. from his eyes, we can see the passion and love for this place, his pirated-mambo-dance-moves in the mud-k-k-k-kr cheers was unforgettable. also, the p and vp are equally influential, their presence are felt. lin and co, with his wings over rockers definitely add the punch to the cheers, with those sensational drumbeats, roaring the players to perform harder.

im so touched. this is the true kr blue, sea of blue. its back. this IS what IHG all about. united as one. not those folklore of undermining certain sports for one over others etc etc.

im waiting for the kr hall anthem to be sung again, to relive my virigin tear for kr in the very same atmosphere.

once again.. K---K---K--- KR (hand gestures swaying left to right)

blue blooded kent ridgean.



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