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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

blessed new yr

wat a blast, 2006 ended on a .. new .. note.

ha, yep, i attended church, invitation from ben and friends to church for some countdown thingy, think was called Nightwatch or smthing like that. my, the church is really grand, from a building major undergrad pt of view, that is a mean and expensive project, extensive planning, gd materials, elaborate facade. very grand.

the crowd is very warm, the speakers are very well articulate. however as the night progresses, it tends to be abit too preachy, with people sharing their testimonails and such.. well.. i had a minor argument with some uncle over there which temporary made me shut off from all the preaching n praying. ha, but its alrite. i was pretty amazed by the whole episode anyway. msn me if u are keen to know.

i saw many budding n fading of relationships, made me really wonder how much should one put into a relationship. nevertheless, i believe everything happens for a reason. we should really consider our own doings before questioning others.

my marists buddies asked me a funny qn on xmas eve, "why the hell are u still single?' i find it incredibly amusing. ahha. its as if i WAS never single for too long, probably to them i was the playboy. no i wasnt. think maturity comes along with age, together with peers around you, made me realised alot of more stuff abt commitments and partners. ya, i think i could prpbably explained why i was single for so darn long, i think i am still attracted to mud. ex is no longer an issue, we are still argubly friends, nothing more. but with the passing of a new year, this is the time to proceed. its time to resurface and reconnect with the world again. thank u, for everything.

i find few individuals particularly interesting. maybe its the whole new knowing someone-better-phase.. we shall see.

new year resolution: to get 6 pack abs, ya rite, to maintain honours, get a decent job, love my family more and be a responsible person..

.. and to remain a cheeky person ;)

Have a blessed new yr everyone. tks ben & cherie for your friendship


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