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Sunday, November 13, 2005

last meal?

ya.. as usual we had our turns to cook over at keibun's apartment.. well, its back to the japanese turn to cook.. and i think he did a realli good job this time.. had some katsudon (spelling?) and miso soup.. and everything was prepared by himself.. thats what realli amazing heh.. and the host, keibun himself suddenly made a comment.. "eh, this is probably the last dinner we are going to have together.. " sigh.. it struck me again.. we are leaving the states soon... realli soon.. theortically we still have abt 5wks left, but in 2 wks time, dats tksgiving, the 8 of us are heading to canada vancouver.. the wk after dat is study wk.. then comes the exams.. then back home...

WAH.. its freaking fast.. hai.. happy and sad. happy to go back to original life, sad to leave my newfound friends and environment. oh well, we have fond memories, and this blog is meant for its purpose anyway.. so i will upload more pics i promised. 1 more thing i wanna do b4 i go.. i wanna watch Seattle supersonics nba game before i go.. heh.. i've been to baseball, american football, now basketball.. yay... great eh. ?

the miso soup prepared whole heartedly by keibun.. grade B+ i would say..

us toasting to international friendship.. haha.. shot glasses ai seh..

i dunno wats it called, vaguely remember as katsuodon (?) fried pork chop with soy onion & eggs.. haha. anyway it tastes realli realli gd..

hahaha. toasting with sprite.. hahaha. ya.. the rest of them are only 19yrs old.. under age. im the freaking old man there.

heres keibun, our rich jap host.. kinda cute ya? hahah. ;) still single .. so gers if u are interested .. y nt?



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